2016 & 2017 publicly voted and awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Estate Liquidation Award" as the #1 Estate Liquidator in all of New Hampshire.

2016 & 2017 publicly voted and awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Estate Liquidation Award" as the #1 Estate Liquidator in all of New Hampshire.


Why Most Choose 603 Estate Sales To Conduct Their Sale:

  • We are New Hampshire’s Most Awarded Estate Liquidator

  • 2016 & 2017 publicly voted and awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Estate Liquidation Award" as the #1 Estate Liquidator in all of New Hampshire. This is only awarded to 50 Estate Liquidators in the entire Country.

    1. Largest Estate Sale Social Media following in the entire State of New Hampshire, and one of the largest in the Country.

    2. Average of 20,000-30,000 online views for each of our Estate Sales.

    3. Thousands of buyers signed up on our growing email list.

    4. Constant exposure to current market trends, and continued education in our field of expertise.

    5. Ability to successfully liquidate Estates as well as Businesses, Large and Small.

•             Years of acquired knowledge:  It takes years for an accomplished estate sale professional to perfect how to run an estate sale efficiently and profitably. Years of first hand knowledge, and constant continued education keep us up to date of current trends.

•             Pricing and understanding the market: We have dedicated our career to learning, researching, knowing how to price and to understanding what fair market value is as well as what it is not.  Researching what an "asking price" on ebay is certainly not an indication of it’s worth.  As professionals know how to find accurate comps.

•             Trusted colleagues and other resources at our fingertips: We have many trusted resources and colleagues nationwide, as well as a private buyer's list of thousands of potential buyers. 603 Estate Sales is proficient at attracting the right estate sale buyers, based on what the estate offers.

•             Public Relations:  We have acquired the know-how required in handling the public under any situation. Our welcoming and inviting nature drastically gives us a huge leg up compared to local competition. We treat each shopper like they are our finest, and each home is treated with the respect as if it was our own.

•             What sells and what doesn't:  We know what's hot and what's not in the buyer's market.  We have expertise to know what will and what won't sell. This is ever changing, and we stay up to date with current market trends based on current analysis and years of experience and constant exposer.

•             Is an estate sale the right fit?  Over the phone, and during a free walk-through Consultation, we will know if an Estate Sale is right for you, or if there is a better way for you to sell the residential contents. If an estate sale will not benefit your situation, we will pass along our wealth of information of another way to assist you.

•             Objectivity: As a professional estate liquidator, we are an objective third party that has no personal attachment to your possessions, therefore we can make sound pricing decisions. We price items to sell for as much as the market will bare at any given time.

•             Completion in a timely manner:  603 Estate Sales can usually do in 2 weeks or less what will take a family well over a year to accomplish.  Family members may face taking additional time off work, spinning their wheels, underestimating the amount of work, getting caught in family feuds, or slowed down by nostalgia.

•             Get it done correctly the first time:  We take pride in this. Our promise to you is to sell as much as we can, for as much as we can. We both benefit from this strategy. Many families, attorneys, judges, realtors and even other estate sale liquidators nationwide that refer us have placed their trust in 603 Estate Sales. We under promise and over deliver. We do exactly what we say we will do, and we get it done. This has lead us to be one of the fastest growing and most successful estate liquidators in New Hampshire.


  Accurate Pricing, Reliability, Professionalism, 100% Positive Reviews, the largest Following in the State; this is why 603 Estate Sales remains New Hampshire's #1 Personal Property Liquidator.