From beginning to end...we can take care of everything!

Here is how the process works!


1)    It all starts with a simple phone call! 

      We will start with a simple phone call to find out more about your unique situation, and will ask questions such as: Where is the             home located, your desired time frame, is the home a residential home, condo or other and what are some items for sale.


2)     We will come to you!  (A FREE no obligation Consultation)

        We will then meet with you and do a walk-through seeing exactly what is for sale, discuss a game plan for a successful sale, go over our commission rate that will be based on your unique sale after we see it, and go over our Estate Sale Agreement with you. At that           time we will be able to answer any questions you may have.


3)     Incredible Photos!

       Once the Estate Sale Agreement is signed, we will take hundreds of detailed and professional high quality photos using a high end professional DSLR Camera.


4)      We will turn your Estate into a Shopping Boutique! 

        We will: 

  • Evaluate all items for sale.

  • Organize the Estate.

  • Clean and Polish the items for sale.

  • Stage the Home using our company supplied Tables, Table Clothes, Racks, Jewelry Cases and Signage.

  • Price-Tag Items According to Fair Market Value. (FMV)

  • Advertise the sale heavily on many different Websites.

  • Invite shoppers on our Mailing List. (Currently in the Thousands)

  • Advertise the sale on our Social Media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. (Thousands of Dedicated Followers)

  • Fully and adequately Staff the Sale.

  • Use our Professional and Brightly Colored Direction Signage to bring passer-byers to your sale.

  • Handle all of the incoming Emails, Calls and other Inquiries regarding the sale from the public.

  • We can also give you a list of Clean-Out companies & companies that take Donations to potentially leave your Estate completely empty once we are done. We can even refer Professional Home Cleaners if you desire.

5)      Sale Day!

          We will finally hold your Estate Sale typically over the course of 1 or 2 days generally over a Weekend. Because we have one the largest followings for an Estate Liquidator in the Nation, we may even be able to have your sale on a weekday if needed.


6)      After the sale!

      Directly after the sale itself, we will remove our company supplied Tables, Racks, Jewelry Cases and Signage, and make sure you have contact info for Clean-Out companies, to Local Charities if you prefer to donate any unsold items, and even Professional Home Cleaners if you so desire. 


7)     Pay Day!

      At the conclusion of our service to you, we will mail you a check right away along with a summery of the sale, and a simple"report card" asking you to rate our services as part of our quality control to make certain we are continuing to remain the leader in Estate Sales.


 That's it!

All of the services we provide are based on a percentage of the sale itself. It will cost you nothing out of pocket. You have nothing to lose, so pick up the phone and get the process started!

Give us a call Today! 




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2016 & 2017 publicly voted and awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Estate Liquidation Award" as the #1 Estate Liquidator in all of New Hampshire.