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We are Michael & Teal, the owners of 603 Estate Sales, New Hampshire’s #1 Personal Property Liquidators.  We are Estate Sale Specialists.  We have years of experience liquidating personal assets and preforming appraisals, and our company has solid references from happy clients as well as a loyal following well into the thousands of repeat estate sale shoppers.

We conducted an estate sale recently and the buyer for the listing was one of our estate sales customers, so we wanted to let you know some ways that our experienced estate sale firm can help you and your clients:

·       Realtors are the #1 referrer for our business. We can conduct an Estate Sale to liquidate the seller’s personal property and belongings so you can show a clean clutter free home, and the new owners can move in without a hitch.

·       Our estate sales typically bring between 250-400 people though a home during a sale. That's an average over two days / ten hours!  Think of this as a huge open house showing but with a soft approach. A professional estate sale can be a great way to find a potential buyer or tenant for your listings.

·       When you have listings that are hurt by clutter or too much personal property, we can come in and host an estate sale, liquidating the contents allowing the real estate to show at its best.

·       We have the know-how to clean out very high end homes, everyday "normal" homes and even true hoarder homes. We are experienced at getting these homes presentable and real estate listing ready.  We can turn an almost unpresentable home into an attractive real estate listing.  Families can be overwhelmed with the amount of work it requires, but we can quickly and routinely turn these homes around.

·       We also offer options such as complete home cleaning after an estate sale, complete removal of all unsold items, and even consignments of select pieces. We can leave the home empty and clean.

·       Many people think estate sales are required only for high end homes full of antiques, and we do love promoting those large estates.  But the truth is we regularly conduct sales in everyday homes as our services are needed by most families at some point or another.

We offer cash referrals, (or to a charity of your choice) for each signed estate sale contract ranging from $100-$300.  Just let us know when you recommend us and we will keep you posted on the status of the lead.

Visit our Facebook page (603 Estate Sales) to see over 65 positive reviews and photos from years of previous sales.

Feel free to call us directly at 603-777-7817 with any questions; or to set up an informal meeting to discuss our services with you and your agents right at your office, and how we can become a great asset to you and your team.


Warm regards,   

Michael & Teal Baldasaro



603 Estate Sales was publicly voted and awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Estate Liquidation Award" as the #1 Estate Liquidator in all of New Hampshire 2016 & 2017

Awards for 603 Estate Sales

  • Top Ten Most Viewed Company NH December 2018

  • Top Ten Most Viewed Company NH November 2017

  • Top Ten Most Viewed Company Nationwide November 2017

  • Top Ten Most Viewed Company Nationwide October 2017

  • Top Ten Most Viewed Company NH October 2017

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